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Altrincham Bathroom Design Experts

Indesign Interiors is a specialist in bathroom design for Altrincham and the wider Manchester area. Whether it’s one or 5 bathrooms you need we can take on projects of any size or scale. Yet what really makes us the right choice for your bathroom design is that whilst we know what people need, we will also listen to what you want!  We can help you with a simple bathroom remodel or more complex remodelling that requires building work. Beginning with a visit to site we have the technical expertise to recognise what will or won’t work in your home and we will always be open and honest about the scope of works required. 

Bespoke Bathroom Design in Altrincham

At Indesign Interiors we have something for everyone, from very traditional to high-end, contemporary or even eclectic bathrooms spaces.  Our goal is to give you a bathroom space that is exactly right for you and we take great care to make sure this happens. In our first meeting we can walk you through the common fixtures and fittings that make up a bathroom, as well as what you can expect during the installation process. In this respect we can complete all works necessary ranging from taking out an old bathroom, reconfiguring a layout, carrying out plumbing, plastering, tiling, and of course, fitting all your new bathroom furniture. 

Luxury bathroom design Altrincham  | InDesign, Altrincham
Altrincham bathroom design | InDesign, Altrincham

High Quality Bathroom Brands For Every Project

With a full interior design service built into our bathroom planning the Indesign Interiors team can source everything you need to complete your new bathroom space.  We use only high-quality products, and each of our suppliers has also been carefully chosen to ensure we have the right product to fit every style and taste.  We also know the best products to achieve a particular look while still keeping within your budget. Well-known bathroom brands available from in design interiors include Nolte Spa, Badea, Burgbad, VitrA, Geberit, and Laufen. 

Visit our Altrincham Bathroom Showroom

Visit our luxury bathroom showroom in Altrincham and you will discover a wide range of beautiful and inspiring bathroom products to consider for your new project. Our expert bathroom designers will be delighted to assist, and you will quickly realise our goal of delivering bathroom designs which are beautiful but also highly practical too.  

To find out more please book a visit to our luxury Wandsworth bathroom showroom today. 

Altrincham bathroom design | InDesign, Altrincham


Whether you are just starting to think about a new bathroom, or you are well on your way to knowing what you want, get in touch with us. Our designer, who will be your contact throughout the process, will create a layout and colour scheme, then carefully order all of the parts and fittings that are required. We will assemble your order at our warehouse and efficiently deliver everything to your home or site via our logistics team, exactly when you need it.adv/adva