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posted Jan 10 2018

New metals

Metallics have been popular for a while but this year they’re going in a different direction. In 2018, the craze for rose gold and high-shine yellow golds has passed and more toned down alternatives are taking centre stage. Brushed finishes and somewhat darker tones are favoured – for example, bronze, nickel and brass. These materials can be used to great effect for creating a suave and stylish kitchen. Update elements throughout the kitchen like taps, handles, lamps, light fixtures and picture frames to easily incorporate these new metals into your home.

Keeping Natural

Bringing the outdoors in with liberal use of natural materials and splashes of green plant life is a continuing trend for 2018. This natural influence helps to make a relaxed and serene space, perfect for creating a comforting retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. As well as prominent lush plants, select a natural colour palette and materials, like suede and linen. Hard materials like terracotta, terrazzo and stone all complement this style and look stunning on backsplashes, countertops and floors in kitchens.

Bright and bold

Neutrals are definitely going to be sidelined this year by bold and bright colours. Opt for big blocks of pigmented colour to make a statement and don’t be afraid of clashing different strong colours. Burnt orange, ochre, peacock blue and forest green are all going to be popular tones. This trend can work wonderfully well to liven up kitchens. Using bright backsplash is an excellent way to incorporate this look and, if you’re feeling adventurous, bold coloured cabinets can also modernise and refresh the room.


Adding new and interesting textures into a room is an understated but effective way to update your interiors. Velvet is going to be a huge trend of the year and can be seen across all soft furnishings, from big pieces like sofas and armchairs to subtle nods on cushions and throws. Leather is also going to be appearing more for 2018 – think leather textured kitchen fronts.

Dark wood

Pale and whitewashed woods have been popular for some time, particularly in minimalist, Scandinavian-inspired interiors. However, 2018 will increasingly see the introduction of richer, darker woods throughout the home, particularly in kitchens. Kitchen cabinets and cupboards in handsome mahogany or bedroom furnishings in elegant rosewood or walnut will add instant sophistication to the room.


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